Nov 2017 Effective, November 7th, Flamingo Oil Company will have a price increase on Maximo, Flamingo, Peak, and Coastal Branded products from 6 – 10% on most products; different price treatment may apply to selected products including, but not limited to, hydraulic oils. The third and fourth quarter of this year we have had repeated[…]

Hurricane Irma

Flamingo Oil to Resume Deliveries on Wednesday 9/13 after Hurricane Irma Hurricane Irma has left plenty of damage in South Florida, but the Flamingo warehouses and offices in Pompano Beach and Miami are back online and ready to resume business.  We realize that many of our customers are out of power, and may have damage[…]

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

The DPF – or soot trap – “filters” harmful diesel exhaust soot particles that should be emptied
regularly (regenerated) to maintain performance and the life of the filter. The DPF needs to be
cleaned regularly, through a process called regeneration (active, passive or forced regeneration).
Regeneration burns off soot at a temperature of 1100 F to leave only a small residue of ash,
effectively renewing or regenerating the filter, making it ready to take on more pollution from the
engine. When a normal regeneration is no longer effective, maintenance will be required.


New API Diesel Engine Oil Specifications CK-4 and FA-4

As diesel engine designs evolve, so do the oils needed to lubricate those engines. The current industry standard, API CJ-4, was introduced in 2006. Two new diesel engine oil specifications will replace API CJ-4 and become the new OEM recommendation in December of 2016. CK-4 will replace CJ-4 with the same minimum High Temperature/High shear[…]

Pennzoil & Quaker State

Flamingo has now formed a partnership with Pennzoil & Quaker State.  This partnership brings America’s best selling brands to South Florida’s most trusted oil distributor.  Flamingo’s current partnerships with Castrol, Kendall and others will continue.  Our goal will always be to provide the products and services that our customers most value.